Share your musical ideas in one tap.


Treat Molgav as Twitter for musicians.

You can type and share short messages in Twitter, you can write down and share melodies and riffs in Molgav.


Molgav sequencer is dead simple. It has two windows only:


Molgav sequencer is pattern based. You can use hundreds of instruments and riffs in one song:

Molgav sequencer is 'visual'. You can layout slot/patterns of complex song in any order"

See video tutorial:

see video on Youtube


Share your work via Facebook, Google+, e-mail, Reddit, Twitter, WhatsApp or any other chat/forum.

See video tutorial how to share a tune:

see video on Youtube

You don't need any additional software to open shared tune.

See community page for sharing.


Molgav is pure HTML5 implementation. No plugins, no additional software

All you need is modern browser like Firefox/Chrome/Safari/Opera/MS Edge.

Compatible with Android/iOS/Windows/OSX/Linux.

Launch Molgav