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Problem in making musical articles and books

There are many articles and tutorials for modern music. Try to find in Google a 'daw chord progression' for example.

Educator need to make a hard work to build articles convenient. You should add screenshots of editor window and MIDI-files to import into DAW, wav-files to listen sound.

Some educators creates video tutorials to facilitate his work. Teacher read text and make music on camera. But interactivity in such videos isn't enough for users too. Sometime user want to listen melody in loop to understand what teacher talk about, sometime user want to import MIDI-file for the article into a DAW to make some changes and try to modify something.

There are even more problems if your readers watch articles from a mobile phone

Ableton released beautifull interactive tutorial. Readers can read the text and listen to the melody immediately. Moreover, they can change something in the melody and hear it right in browser. There is no need to download any files to import them into external DAW. But this site is heavy software that requires expensive team to support with.

Are there more affordable solutions?


You can use RiffShare to make an interactive musical article

Examples of using



It is very easy to add screenshot and links into your article from RiffShare. Due of this you can make interactivity for each step of your lesson. More musical illustration = more satisfied users. See examples of music fragments in different styles


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